Fall Lawn Tips: Aerating and Fertilizing

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Now that the temperatures are lower, lawn care is less about watering and cutting and more about preparing the grass and soil to survive the winter. Fall is one of the best times to take care of the moisture and nutrient content available to your lawn’s roots. By strengthening what’s under the grass now, you’ll ensure your grass will be ready to come up green and healthy in the spring.

Two ways to do this are by aerating and fertilizing—in that order! While many homeowners think that aerating and fertilizing are springtime activities, both will help your grass grow strong and look great before and after the cold of winter.


An aerator is a piece of lawn equipment that uses a series of hollow tubes to dig into the soil and remove small cylindrical plugs of dirt. The tubes on the machine are spaced evenly on a rotating cylinder, making it easy to push across the lawn and get evenly spaced holes. You can easily rent a core aerator from any store that offers landscape supply in Franklin, NC.

Aerating your lawn will fill your lawn with small holes. While this isn’t a good look for summer, it’s great for fall because it allows air, water and nutrients to get deep down into the soil. Without the holes, your lawn may not be able to absorb these nutrients because the soil gets compacted over time. The tubes of dirt that have been pulled out will sit on the top of your lawn until they decompose.

Before you aerate, make sure the grass has been watered and the soil is soft and slightly damp. Aerating soil that is too hard will be difficult and put stress on the machine. Also, be sure to pick up any debris or branches in the yard and watch out for sprinkler heads.

Aeration provides your grass with a number of benefits, including less soil compaction, deeper root growth and fewer weeds. All of this means your grass will be stronger going into winter and healthier when spring comes around.


After you aerate, fertilizing should be your next step. This is best done after aeration and not before, so the fertilizer can really seep into the fresh holes. Make sure to check with a local landscape supply store in Franklin, NC to find the right kind of fertilizer for your grass type and climate.

Summer can be hard on grass, both leading to compaction and stressing the soil. When you fertilize, you rejuvenate and strengthen the soil so that you don’t have to do as much work reviving it in the spring.

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