Get Your Lawn Equipment Ready for Winter

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With fall in full swing and cold winter temperatures settling in soon, it’s time to stop thinking about lawn maintenance and start thinking about keeping your equipment and tools safe for next year. Lawn equipment in Franklin, NC is an investment, and without the proper preparation and storage, your tools won’t last.

You take steps to maintain your lawn equipment regularly during the spring and summer months, so fall and winter should be no different. Here’s what you need to do to ensure your lawn equipment is safe and well functioning come spring. Many of these tips will apply to all of your pieces of lawn equipment, not just your mower.

Stabilize fuel

Anything with an engine should have the fuel drained or stabilized before being stored. If you neglect this step, gas in the tank can separate and degrade, which can lead to a frustrating breakdown and repair cost come spring.

Most pieces of equipment should be drained of fuel before storage. Drain the tank, then run the equipment to use the remaining bits of fuel.

To stabilize fuel, instead, fill the tank and add a little fuel stabilizer, available from most places that sell lawn equipment in Franklin, NC. Then, run the equipment for a few minutes so the gas has time to circulate and mix the stabilizer thoroughly.

Check air and fuel filters, oil and miscellaneous parts

Filters on your mower or other equipment will probably be clogged with debris and dust after a full season of use. Clean or replace these filters according to manufacturer guidelines.

Also change the oil to keep the engine in your equipment running smoothly.

Finally, check other parts of the equipment such as belts, tires and trimmer strings and replace them as necessary.

Charge the battery

Battery-powered equipment should be charged fully over winter to prevent the battery capacity from decreasing. Cold weather can affect battery life, so check on the battery every so often over winter to ensure it works in the spring.

Clean thoroughly

Remove any grass clippings, dirt and other debris from your lawn equipment. If you have an abundance of natural material on this equipment, it can break down while in storage and cause rust. Any small hand tools should also be rinsed and dried to remove dirt and bacteria.

Sharpen blades

Remove the blades from your equipment, wipe them down and sharpen or replace them if they are dull. While leaving dull blades on your equipment in winter won’t hurt your tools, having freshly sharpened blades makes your life a little easier come spring.

Store properly

Put your equipment in a cool and dry place and cover the equipment if possible. Leaving your equipment out for the winter, even if there is no snow, will increase the chance of it breaking down.

Purchase new equipment

If your lawn equipment is outdated and it’s time for an upgrade, or if it broke down this season and you need a new tool for spring, visit Koster Equipment Sales & Rental LLC. We sell power tools, heavy equipment and lawn equipment in Franklin, NC, in addition to landscaping supplies and heavy equipment rentals.

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