How to Prepare Your Lawn Equipment in Franklin, NC for Winter

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You’ve made quite an investment in purchasing a lawn mower, so it’s important you do everything you can to keep it in good condition all year long, even when it’s not in use. At the end of the mowing season, it’s important to take some steps that will prevent it from sustaining any damage during the colder winter months.

With this in mind, here are some steps to take when preparing your lawn equipment in Franklin, NC for winter:

  • Empty the gas tank: Any unused gas that sits in your lawn mower throughout the offseason can get stale or even congeal, which can result in carburetor jams and potential rust in the system. You should add some fuel stabilizer into the tank, then run the power so it distributes evenly throughout the system. After that, turn off the lawn mower, cool down the engine and then siphon off the leftover gas into a clean can. You can then restart the mower and run it until it stops, and repeat this step until the engine does not start any more.
  • Remove the blade: Taking off the blade makes it easier for you to clean the underside of the mower and change its oil. Unscrew any bolts holding that blade in place, and wear thick gloves to protect yourself from cuts. This is also a good opportunity to sharpen the blade, if that’s a task you’re comfortable with performing yourself.
  • Disconnect spark plug: This should be one of the first steps you take so you can prevent the mower from accidentally starting up.
  • Empty the oil: If you have a four-cycle engine, it’s important that you stay on top of your oil changes in addition to your fuel management. Set the mower on its side with the air filter and carburetor pointing up. Remove the reservoir plug and allow the oil to drain out—you may need to tilt the mower to make this work. You can then put the plug back on once you are certain you got all of the oil out of the tank.
  • Clean: The end of the season is a good time to clean off the undercarriage and get rid of any grass and mud that has gotten caked on toit during the summer. This will help you prevent rust from forming on the equipment. Once the deck is fully clean, you can reattach the blade (which you hopefully had the chance to sharpen) and refill the oil tank with new oil. Take the used oil to a service station to recycle.
  • Change the filter: A dirty air filter makes the mower operate less efficiently, which means you’ll burn gas more quickly. Take the filter out and replace it with a new one if it’s a disposable paper filter. If it’s a sponge filter, remove it and wash it with soap and water, then let it fully dry out before you put it back in.

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