Alternative Uses for Golf Carts Off the Course

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Golf carts aren’t just for golfing enthusiasts! Sure, the vast majority of the time they get used, they’re out on the links helping golfers carry their clubs (and coolers) all over the course. But there are plenty of ways in which they’re used outside of traditional golf course settings, meaning you can purchase a golf cart for yourself when you see golf carts for sale in Franklin, NC and have a number of additional uses for them.

Here are just a few examples of some of those alternative uses:

  • Transportation on individual properties: For larger properties that have outbuildings, stables, swimming pools or other outdoor features, golf carts can be a great convenience, as it may take a while for people to get around the property on foot or be difficult for people with mobility issues to travel back and forth from these areas.
  • College campuses: If you spend much time on a college campus, you’ll likely see security patrols out on golf carts, as well as university staff using golf carts to get around the campus area.
  • Landscaping: You might not have realized it before, but golf carts are actually perfect for use in landscaping practices. They can be used for gardening and spreading mulch and traveling across larger areas so you don’t have to push a wheelbarrow all over your property. Simply throw some bags of mulch and dirt into the back of the golf cart and travel where you need to go. This is especially ideal for large gardens and parks.
  • Vacation properties and campgrounds: Campgrounds and resorts typically have smaller roads or pathways (with dirt or asphalt) that meander around their properties, and golf carts are an ideal means of navigating those roads and getting around the vacation property quickly. You’ll typically find that the owners of these properties have a golf cart or two of their own to use for this purpose, and they may also rent out golf carts to customers as well.
  • Senior living communities: A lot of senior living communities make regular use of golf carts to allow people with physical limitations to more easily travel around the community.
  • Wedding and event areas: Special events, such as weddings and other parties, that are held outside often require golf carts or other similar vehicles to bring guests from location to location, as well as to make it easier for event staff to get around the property and ensure the event is running smoothly.
  • Maintenance: At commercial properties and agricultural facilities, golf carts can be used by staff to quickly and easily get around the property and make sure all operations are going smoothly.
  • Airports: Golf carts are frequently used at airports for security and maintenance purposes.

These are just some examples of ways you might see golf carts used away from the golf course. For more information about the golf carts we have for sale in Franklin, NC and how you might use them, contact the team at Koster Equipment Sales & Rental LLC today.

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