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Spring cleaning should involve more than dusting your baseboards and organizing the garage. Spring is also the season for preparing for lawn maintenance and outdoor projects, which means you want your power equipment to be in tip-top shape. The last thing you want is to start a project and end up spending half the day fixing or shopping for a new drill. Prepare your power equipment in Franklin, NC for your spring projects with these tips:

  • Check power cords: Power cords are subject to wear and tear, even in storage. Small critters may have gotten ahold of your cord, or it may have already been wearing thin at the end of last summer. Regardless, it’s a good idea to inspect power cords carefully, as exposed wiring can be dangerous.
  • Lubricate parts: The winter air has been drying out more than your hands. Power equipment with moving parts is likely to need some lubrication to avoid sticking and squeaking throughout its next use.
  • Retighten screws: Loose screws and nuts is a recipe for disaster! Take a few minutes to retighten any screws to avoid any issues mid-project.
  • Investigate broken parts: Broken parts on power equipment are not something to ignore. They can inhibit your tool from working effectively or even at all. Usually, a replacement part can be found for your specific tool and equipment that will have it working as good as new.
  • Check spark plugs: Spark plugs are essential to the workings of some power equipment and can wear out or break without much notice. Before beginning a project, investigate the condition of your tools’ spark plugs and replace any that need to be replaced.
  • Clean air filters: Air filters can sustain damage or grime over the winter during storage. Start spring projects with fresh, clean air filters in your equipment. Blowers and trimmers can harbor dirt as well, so take time to clean out anything that needs to be cleaned.
  • Sharpen blades: Chainsaws, trimmers and other blades can dull over a season of non-use. Sharpen or adjust blades, or even replace them if they’re beyond repair. A sharp blade is not only easier to use, but also less dangerous.
  • Check batteries: Checking to make sure if batteries are still useful and hold a charge is a no-brainer, but what about the battery case? Make sure to inspect the electrical contacts as well as disposable batteries for corrosion. Getting the last juice out of an almost-dead battery is not worth compromising the health of your power equipment.
  • Review proper fuel guidelines: Ensure you’re using the type of fuel that your equipment calls for. And, if mixing old and new fuel, follow proper mixing protocol.

Even after you’ve reviewed all these power equipment maintenance tips, it’s a good idea to let tools warm up for a few minutes before immediately digging into your new project. After a winter of dormancy and storage, tools may need a minute to wake up. If you’re in need of new power equipment in Franklin, NC, come check out our selection at Koster Equipment Sales & Rental LLC. We have everything you need to get through your spring project list. Give us a call to discuss our sale and rental options today!

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