Why Aeration and Fertilizers Are Best for Your Yard in the Spring

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Winter is coming to an end, which means it’s time to get your lawn looking back to its usual spring and summer glory. However, resurrecting a dead lawn can be an uphill battle, even with the best landscape supply in Franklin, NC, if you’re not taking proper care of your lawn and preparing it to receive the water and nutrients it’s primed for. That’s why proper aeration and fertilizers might be a lifesaver for your lawn this spring.


Properly aerating your lawn ensures that the soil can breathe and has the oxygen it needs for grass and other plants to grow. It’s recommended that you aerate your lawn annually, but you can aerate even more often if your region’s land is especially dry or clay-like. You can aerate your lawn by removing small plugs of thatch throughout, which lets oxygen and other nutrients, as well as fertilizer, into the soil. Clearing out weeds, excess thatch and soil buildup is essential to the health of your lawn, and should always be done before fertilization. If you’re in need of landscape supply in Franklin, NC to assist with aerating or removing weeds, check out our selection of tools and equipment!

Plus, aeration also allows more water to seep into the ground, reducing the amount you’ll need to water your lawn. Plus, removing excess thatch helps clear out excess buildup and pressurized soil compaction, which is subject to bacteria and insect infestation. Overall, removing the pressure and excess compaction improves the overall health of your lawn and makes it ready to receive nutrients, including any fertilizer you may add to your lawn.


Once you’ve aerated your lawn, it’s ready to receive fertilizer. Fertilizer will strengthen the roots of your grass and other plants, which helps them absorb more water more quickly. This can also reduce puddles and mud after a rain or lawn watering. Plus, while protecting and strengthening your turf and grass, fertilizer can also decrease weed growth! As your grass becomes thicker and healthier, it acts as its very own weed inhibitor. Weeds have a much more difficult time taking root in a healthy lawn.

It’s important to note that contrary to some people’s belief, fertilizer is incredibly unlikely to seep into the groundwater or run off into places it’s not supposed to go, such as storm drains. Not only does fertilizer protect and enhance your lawn, but it’s eco-friendly and has no adverse effects on the health of the environment. However, make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging to avoid endangering any nearby lawns or ecosystems.

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